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R&D Center
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There are 120 R&D staff members in Asia Silicon R&D Center at present, including 6 top industry experts with Ph.D.’s and 10 experts with master’s degrees, 2 National Specially-Invited Experts, 1 Provincial-Level Academic Leader, 37 National-Level Innovation Engineers and 2 professionals for National Patent Information Practices.

The R&D Center has several research platforms, such as Yang Deren Academician Workstation, Wang Tihu Expert Workstation, Qinghai Provincial Silicon Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, Qinghai Provincial Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials, Qinghai Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, etc. We have more than 100 sets of scientific research instruments & equipment, First-class numeric simulation and calculation center, and the first semiconductor-grade ICP-MS laboratory with a 1000-class clean room and a 100-class clean hood in the five northwestern provinces. In addition, the laboratory of the R&D Center has passed the CNAS certification. 

Since its establishment, the R&D Center has undertaken 7 State Science and Technology Plan projects, more than 40 province and city-sponsored research projects. We have applied for more than 100 patents and obtained one International leading scientific and technological achievements, won more than 50 scientific and technological awards such as the China Patent Award and the First Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. While striving to promote the company's own technological progresses, the Center also actively undertook (or participated) in academic exchange meetings, hosted (or participated) in drafting up numerous national standards and industry standards, and fully promotes the technological advancement of China's high-purity polysilicon industry.

In the future, the R&D Center will continue to strengthen our team, improve R&D and technical service capabilities, continue to solve technical problems, and provide related technical services.

  • Phone: +86-0971-8812000    Fax:+86-0971-8812213
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  • Address: No.1 Jingui Road, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining, Qinghai
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