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  Asia Silicon (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2006 in Qinghai, China. As one of the leading polysilicon manufacturers in the world, the company develops and uses advanced equipment and process technologies for R&D and production of semiconductor polysilicon and crystalline silicon solar PV modules, as well as development and EPC of large-scale ground PV power plants and distributed PV power plants. 

  We have more than 1,100 employees, including about 100 in senior management, technology development and engineering staff. The company enrolled a number of top experts and scholars well experienced in the production and research of silicon materials for many years, and built up a very professional and highly skilled scientific research team. In 2014, Asia Silicon entered the first list of Permitted Enterprises in the PV Manufacturing Industry under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, owing to it’s many key technological advancements in low-cost, low-energy consumption and low-pollution production of high-purity polysilicon. In management, the company ensures high-quality products and improves business efficiency and overall quality of its staff through the total quality management system.

  With a mission to “advance the photovoltaic industry and promote green energy", Asia Silicon has developed a proprietary variant of the Advanced Siemens Process to manufacture high-purity polysilicon at the lowest capital expenditure in the industry with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons of polysilicon (equivalent to 5GW), 200MW of crystalline silicon PV modules. In addition, the company hasaccumulated rich experiences in development, construction, operation and maintenance of numerous large PV power plants. 


  • Phone: +86-0971-8812000    Fax:+86-0971-8812213
  • ZipCode: 810007E-mail:postmaster@asia-silicon.com
  • Address: No.1 Jingui Road, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining, Qinghai
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